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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part I)

The St Louis County Council wasn’t as bad as Ferguson’s Council, but still very few answers and virtually no accountability from the folks who unleashed unholy hell on the residents of Ferguson, following Brown’s murder. #staywoke #farfromover


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mid-morning mediocre strumming with a buzzing guitar and no d string

End of a walk

So I moved to Texas, so obviously I had to get my prescriptions transferred. There’s 5 of them..I think. Or 6. It doesn’t matter. Anyways. I go to get them transferred to Walgreens. I go in, tell them my name  - that’s why my license says, but my insurance is still under my old name. They really don’t understand. I stay there for 20 minutes trying to explain why my license says my new name, but that they had to file it under that stuff. The pharmacist is super rude to me. The technician is really nice. She finally believes me that I’m not trying to steal prescriptions after I show her all of my cards with my old and new names on them. I get a call two days later that my prescriptions are ready for pick up. I go there, there’s 1. It’s my muscle relaxer that I didn’t even need because it takes me like 3 months to go through one refill of it because I don’t take it that often. I ask what’s up, they tell me insurance says that I have to do mail order. I call my mom, she informs me that we have a Kroger prescription plan and that you can only get prescriptions filled at Kroger. I didn’t know this. My mom finds out that if there isn’t a Kroger in the city, you can get the prescriptions at a different pharmacy. There’s no Kroger here, so I go online to the prescription coverage website. It tells me that I can go to CVS.

So I go to CVS. Just tell them my old name instead to make it easier. That works. I tell them the 4 prescriptions that I need right now, as they can only transfer the ones that are ready to be refilled. They transfer my prescriptions from Walgreens. I call them a day later to see if everything is going okay. They said they were working on 2 of them. I said okay and got off the phone with them. I was like…wait a second, I needed at least 3 right away. So I called them back and asked which ones they were working on. One of them was the right one and the other one was the muscle relaxer that I don’t need. I said “I don’t need the muscle relaxer. The other one is fine but there are at least two more that I had asked to be transferred.” They said that Walgreens only gave them two prescriptions. I told them the other two, they said that they would call Walgreens again. They did that and called me back. Said that they couldn’t transfer my Ambien because it’s a controlled substance and can only be transferred once. Since I had my prescriptions transferred from Kroger to Walgreens, I couldn’t get them transferred from Walgreens to CVS. I asked if they could call Kroger and get them transferred from there. They said they tried, but since it was already transferred out, they couldn’t. The other prescription I needed…I guess was expired or out of refills or something. I can’t remember. So they faxed my doctor. I called back today and they didn’t hear back from the doctor. I asked about my birth control yesterday, they said that insurance said that I had to mail order it. At this point, I’m v. frustrated because no one is telling me what’s going on up front. I literally have had to ask about every single thing. There are so many things, that it’s hard to remember everything that I have to ask about. I said I would call my insurance on the birth control.

I call my insurance. I get this dude named, we’ll call him M. He’s nice at first. I explain what is going on. That I’m OUT of my birth control and need to get it, but that insurance is saying that I have to mail order it. I need to pick up at least one refill in store. He basically is giving me the run around as to what I have to do, only saying that I “need preauthorization”. It takes him forever to properly explain what that means. I tell him that that does not make since because I have been getting this specific medication for over 5 years and have not had a problem. 

He tells me the same thing, that I need preauthorization, that my doctor will have to call insurance and explain why I need this certain brand. 

I was like “why would he have to do that?”. 

This is where he begins to get rude. He says “well you are asking for a weird type of birth control and insurance is reluctant to cover it.” 

I said “i have been getting this for over 5 years. insurance is not reluctant to cover it. can you tell me why they are saying this?” 

and he’s like “well you’re asking for a large amount of pills. a 90 day supply.” 

I said “no, I’m not. I have no problem mail ordering. I need one refill in store to get me by until mail order is set up.”

…he says “you can get these other brands.” 

I say “i don’t take those other brands.”. 

he says “well you can pay out of pocket for your medication and you might be able to get reimbursed if insurance approves your medication.”

…i say “okay. how can I know if I will be reimbursed?”

..he says “you can’t know for sure.”

…I’m like “okay. well I can’t pay out of pocket if I’m not going to be reimbursed. I know that my doctor will approve my medication. is that what will need to happen?” 

he’s starting to get REALLY rude with me and is like “no. your doctor will have to explain WHY you need this specific brand of birth control and then it’s up to your insurance to approve or not approve.” by this point, I’m starting to have a panic attack and I start getting really aggravated. my voice gets raised and i’m crying on the phone. I ask to speak to his manager.

While I’m on hold, I manage to calm myself down. I end up speaking to this lady named A. I explained to her what I needed and what I was told by M. 

She’s like “it doesn’t look like you need prior authorization. I’m not sure why he told you that. I have no emergency override, but if you order your medication through the Postal Prescription Service, we can then do a one time authorization for you to pick it up in store.”. 

I get the number for PPS and get off the phone with insurance.

I call PPS, set up my prescription to be ordered. I explain to the guy that I was hoping to get this processed tonight so that I can pick up and emergency pack in store tonight while I am waiting. He nicely explains that they close in 20 minutes and he’s not sure if that can happen. I’m like, that’s okay. At this point I thought that if I placed my order with them that insurance would be okay.

I call insurance back. Get the same dude, M. I’m like fuuuuuu. He’s really rude to me. I told him what is manager told me. 

He’s like “I don’t see the supervisor’s notes. You need prior authorization from your doctor. He is going to have to call this number and explain why you need this brand of medication.” 

I tell him that it would just be easier for me to speak to his supervisor. And he keeps going on and on with what he told me the first time I talked to him. 

I keep saying “Your supervisor told me something completely different.” and I tell him what she told me. We keep going back and forth. 

Finally, I just insist on speaking to the manager. 

He’s SUPER rude to me and is like “Well you might not get the same supervisor. And she might be busy. The system is saying this…” and tells me AGAIN. 

Finally I’m like “Look. I don’t care if I have to be on hold a long time. Let me speak to your supervisor.” he’s like “You want to speak to a supervisor?” 


I finally talk to A again. Of course it’s the same supervisor and M was just being a jerk. I told her that I called PPS and my order has been submitted. She told me JUST NOW that is has to be processed before she can do the override, and it’s not showing that PPS has processed it yet. 

I told her the man at PPS told me it could be a couple days, is there anything I can do? M told me something about getting reimbursed for the medication if I pay out of pocket. 

A tells me that I would only get reimbursed if insurance accepted everything the day that I paid. There’s like….nothing I can do about it. 

She tells me that I can call back anytime to see if the order is processed and as soon as it is, I can get an override and pick it up in store.

That insurance stuff was all Friday, Sept. 12. Saturday, I call them back to see if my order has been processed and if I can get an over ride. Of course, again, I get M. 

He’s like “did I speak to you this morning?” 

I’m like “….it was yesterday.” 

I tell him what I’m calling about, to see if my order has been processed and if I can get an override.

He tells me…again…that I need prior authorization from my doctor. 

I’m like “no, that’s not what your supervisor told me. she told me this” and I explain. 

He says “We went over this twice yesterday, Alexandria. That’s not what the system says. It says that you need prior authorization.” 

 At this point I’m like WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME. so I’m like “I understand what you are saying. However, your supervisor has told me something completely different. She is above you, so I’m taking what she says. Please let me speak to your supervisor.” 

….he transfers me to A. 

She’s actually rude to me this time. I explain that I am calling to see if they are showing my order as processed. 

She was like “It’s not showing anything. You need to call PPS and give them your order and once it is processed that’s the only time we can give you an override.” 

I’m like “Okay. I understand exactly what you are telling me. I called PPS yesterday. You told me to call back and see if my order is processed, so that’s what I’m doing.” 

She’s like “Well it’s not showing. We can’t give you an override until your order is processed. And it looks like CVS is asking for a 90 day supply of your medication anyway.” 

I said “Okay. I haven’t talked to CVS since they told me I had to mail order this medication. That’s why I’m calling you. I am getting the run around from everyone I have spoken to. What do you want me to do?” 

She’s like “I can’t give you an override until PPS processes your order.” 

So I’m like “I understand what you’re saying. So do you want me to call PPS instead? Because you told me to call you and see if my order was processed. I can call PPS instead. Is that what you want me to do?” 

and she’s like “yes. do that and once it is processed, we can give you an override.” 

I’m like “Okay. I understand that you can’t give me an override until it’s processed. I’ll just call PPS. Thanks.”

So then I call PPS. They tell me it’ll take a few days. I’m like…whatever. I didn’t call insurance back or anything. I’ve given up on the birth control. I’m just waiting for it to come in the mail through PPS.

So CVS has faxed my doctor twice to get my mood stabilizer and Ambien that I’m out of. They haven’t heard back, so I called my doctor Tuesday and left a voicemail. They called me back Wednesday. Said they would fax my prescriptions and Garrett’s to CVS (Garrett has been out of his for a week and the doctor hasn’t responded to faxes on his either). So I call CVS a little later to see if they’ve gotten my stuff. The guy said he didn’t receive anything.

So I asked garrett to call and see if they had his. G said he spoke to a woman who said she got his prescriptions AND mine.

We went to CVS Wednesday night to pick up the prescriptions. They had Garrett’s, but not mine.

The pharmacist said that she would give me one mood stabilizer so I don’t go without. I thought I was taking 40mg…they don’t make 40mg. So she gave me a 50mg. Well when I got home and looked at my bottle and I saw that I take 100mg.

So today, Thursday, I call the doctor back. They said that yesterday they actually SPOKE to someone at CVS for me, and sent the fax back for Garrett. So, again, I call CVS and I’m like “look. my doctor spoke to someone here yesterday to get my prescriptions. You’ve faxed them three times, they got my husband’s fax, but not mine. My doctor called to put my prescription in.” and they’re like “Oh yeah, we have it. We just filed it under another last name”. I’m like…what the actual fuck. How do you file my prescriptions incorrectly?! So they have my prescriptions, I ask if I can pick them up today, they say yes.

I get a call a few minutes later from CVS. My Ambien went through my insurance, but not the mood stabilizer. 

So yet again, I’ve called my doctor. Gave them the number for prior authorization and asked them to call the insurance people and do whatever. I really do not want to call them again and speak to M and A.

So that’s where it’s at right now.



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